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Customer Reviews for Pennington 5-Lb. Argentine Bahia Grass Seed

Pennington 5-Lb. Argentine Bahia Grass Seed

Bahia grasses are used extensively for lawns in Florida where low maintenance is desired, since they don't require as much water to survive and flourish as more commonly used Saint Augustine lawn grass varieties. Argentine Bahiagrass is very drought tolerant, deep rooted and has exceptional disease and insect resistance, making it ideal for use for soil stabilization and landscaping on medians. The deep root system allows it to survive under dry conditions, yet it grows well on poorly drained soils. It forms a good looking turf that makes an excellent permanent lawn grass or pasture grass. PENKOTED seed has been coated (treated) with a green colored liquid seed coating material containing a specific fungicide, a natural insecticide and a growth stimulant. These ingredients then dry on the seed and are time-released into the soil as needed once the seeds are planted. The coating helps protect each seedling from soil born diseases and insects, and also makes the seeds less attractive to
Customer Reviews for Pennington 5-Lb. Argentine Bahia Grass Seed
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